Sunday, 22 December 2013

ActionBar Pull-to-Refresh

ActionBar-PullToRefresh provides an easy way to add a modern version of the pull-to-refresh interaction to your application, similar to the latest GMail app.

Download from GitHub


The Cropper is an image cropping tool. It provides a way to set an image in XML and programmatically, and displays a resizable crop window on top of the image. Calling the method getCroppedImage() will then return the Bitmap marked by the crop window.
Developers can customize the following attributes (both via XML and programmatically):
  • appearance of guidelines in the crop window
  • whether the aspect ratio is fixed or not
  • aspect ratio (if the aspect ratio is fixed)
  • image resource
A public method to rotate the image by a specified number of degrees is also included. This can be used to provide the user with an option to fix the image orientation should Android miscalculate the intended orientation.
Download from GitHub


The RangeBar is similar to an enhanced SeekBar widget, though it doesn’t make use of the SeekBar. It provides for the selection of a range of values rather than a single value. The selectable range values are discrete values designated by tick marks; the thumb (handle) will snap to the nearest tick mark.
Download from GitHub