Saturday, 4 January 2014

QuickReturn Listview

This is a implementation of the QuickReturn UI (aka Scrolling Tricks in AndroidViews) developed by Roman Nurik and Nick Butcher for a ListView.
Lars recently added a QuickReturn UI for a footer, Just like in the Google+ app.



Inspired by Google Music’s Android app, this android library will create a nice styled PopupMenu for you.


Google’s Now popular Cards UI has everyone fascinated.
Now a library I created mimicking that behaviour is available.
The view might still be a little flaky, and the View’s code is not well documented, but the example really shows you how simple it all is.

You can download the example APK.
or Clone the lib from Bitbucket or Github
Clone from Bitbucket
Download from GitHub

Some Awesome Forks:

ICS CalendarView [Backport]

The Andorid 4.0 CalendarView backported to Android 2.1


By Nicolas Desjardins
An Android ViewGroup that implements a paged grid with drag’n'drop movable items.
Inspired by Bill Lahti‘s article Drag-Drop for an Android GridView.

Holo ColorPicker

By Lars Werkman
A beautiful Android Holo themed color picker designed by Marie Schweiz and Nick Butcher and developed by Lars Werkman.

Download from GitHub


This is a modified version of Android’s experimental StaggeredGridView. The StaggeredGridView allows the user to create a GridView with uneven rows similar to how Pinterest looks. Includes own OnItemClickListener and OnItemLongClickListener, selector, and fixed position restore.
To use StaggeredGridView in your projects, simply add this project to your workspace then add it as a library project to your current project.
By Maurycy Wojtowicz
Demo link:

Download from GitHub

Parallax ScrollView

A Parallax ScrollView which takes a background and foreground view, in the ParallexScrollView.
By Christopher Jenkins.

Download from GitHub

QuiltView Library

QuiltView displays views of different sizes in a horizontal/vertical scrollable grid.
This library DEPENDS on gridlayout_v7.
By Jacob Moncur

Download from GitHub

Jazzy ViewPager

An easy to use ViewPager that adds an awesome set of custom swiping animations. Just change your ViewPager to JazzyViewPager and you’re good to go!
Available animations:
  • Standard
  • Tablet
  • CubeIn
  • CubeOut
  • Flip
  • Stack
  • ZoomIn
  • ZoomOut
  • RotateUp
  • RotateDown
  • Accordion
By Jeremy Feinstein
Download from GitHub

Circular Seekbar

This one is a circular Seekbar view for Android.
It behaves like any other View, and can be used in any Project.
By Raghab Sood

Download from GitHub


StickyGridHeaders provides an enhanced GridView that shows items in sections with headers. By default the section headers will stick to the top of the view as sections scroll past like the People app in Android 4.x. StickyGridHeaders is designed to be low impact on your code base and you can easily interchange the original GridView with the one provided by StickyGridHeaders.
To use StickyGridHeaders in your projects, simply add this project to your workspace then add it as a library project to your current project. For additional information refer to the project readme.
By Tonic Artos

Download from GitHub

TimesSquare for Android

A simple, well-designed date picker for Android and iOS by Square.

Download from GitHub


The folks over at 47 Degrees release the source code for the super-useful SwipeListView Widget.
SwipeListView is an Android List View implementation with support for drawable cells and many other swipe related features.
You can install the sample APK or watch it in action.

Download from GitHub

Holo Circular ProgressBar

HoloCircularProgressBar is a beautiful custom view implementation for Android you might know from the Android Clock App from Android 4.1.

Download from GitHub